PANS Club Members Receive MSNS Awards

Congratulations to three Polish American Numismatic Society Members who received Recognition from the Michigan State Numismatic Society at the November 29, 2015 Breakfast Awards Ceremonies for their Exhibits. Congratulations to Julia Klepko, Karl Mark Paul and Steve Bieda! Our three PANS Club Members also received the Lucian Chojecki Awards for Best Polish Exhibits.

Julia Klepko received the First Place prize from MSNS for her exhibit “The Relationship Between Coins and Stamps, in the Class 9 (Juniors Ages 8 to 12). She received a French 20 Fr. Gold Coin.  Julia also won the Lucian Chojecki First Place prize of $50.00 from the PANS Club.

Karl Mark Pall also received a First Place Award and took a lot of recognition and prizes for his exhibits, especially his five case presentation entitled “On The Hamtramck Depression Scrip of 1933, 1934 in A, B, C, D, Series ($1, $5 and $10 in All Seal Colors Known). WOW, WHAT A GREAT EXHIBIT! Karl also won the Second Place Lucian Chojecki Award from the PANS Club. He received a 200 Zl. Silver Polish Coin of 1980 commemorating the Lake Placid Olympics.

Steve Bieda received recognition from MSNS for his exhibit “The King Boleslaw Chrobry 900 Th. Anniversary Gold Coins of Poland”. Steve’s exhibit also won Second Place for the Lucian Chojecki Award. Steve received the 200 Zl. Silver Polish Coin of 1980 commemorating the Lake Placid Olympics.

Congratulations from the Polish American Numismatic Society.,

Les Rosik, PANS Club President

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