A Penny for Your Thoughts

1908-1982_US_LincolnPennyAt the July 30, 2011 meeting, PANS Club Member, Stan P., reminded everyone about coinflation.com, a site filled with informative calculators and interesting articles discussing money and inflation. The Polish American Numismatic Society is not affiliated with Coinflation, but certainly recommends it to everyone as a “very good read”. Stan updated club members regarding the actual melt value of a U.S. Lincoln Cent, dated between 1908 and 1982, using the Coinflation base metal calculator (Copyright 2004-2011 Coinflation, LLC). With current copper prices near $4.45 per pound and zinc prices hovering at $1.12 per pound, the melt value of a U.S. penny is almost 3 cents !! Of course, per U.S. Federal Law, melting coins is NOT legal. PANS has added Coinflation to our Recommended Links page.

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  1. Alexander Zilo on

    Thank you. This is very informative.